A Rich History

Our Story

The story of this special venue began long ago when Shelly was just a young girl. Daughter to Mary Busby Sloas, who ran Busby Nursery just a few blocks down the road for 35 years, Shelly used to admire the beautiful stone mansion as she passed by on her school bus. One fateful night, she was invited to spend the night in the home by one of the girls on her bus who lived there. The impression that night had on her planted the seeds for what is today known as the Hidden Gardens Venue.  After sitting abandoned for 15 years, Shelly & her mother decided to bring this wonderful home back to life with the help of friends, family, and their church.

While the connection between Shelly and the venue began when she was just a young girl, the home’s journey began long before then in 1932! During the renovations, we had many locals stopping by to share with us the rich history of this old stone mansion. We were told that at one time it served as Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s hunting lodge, which came as little surprise as he was known to frequent the area. It is rumored that it was once a Russian spy camp, due to it’s proximity to the military weapons manufacturer Convair. As the years passed and time went on it served many more purposes including a theatre and music venue known as “Holiday Ranch” which was visited by famous entertainers such as Mel Tillis, Tanya Tucker, and Sammy Vaughn just to name a few!

Today it serves as the perfect venue for business meetings, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, and of course weddings! The home is furnished with antiques to maintain an authentic traditional feel guaranteed to make you fall in love with the house just like we did. Whether you need a space for a few hours or ten, the Hidden Gardens Venue is the perfect place for your special occasion!